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The New York Bet Din is a Rabbinical Court that offers religious arbitration services for resolving financial and marital issues in accordance with Jewish law. This alternative dispute resolution method is efficient and sensitive, as experienced rabbis settle disputes without involving lawyers or judges. Additionally, the New York Bet Din provides educational resources on Jewish marriage practices and financial laws, making it a source of information and guidance for individuals looking to navigate sensitive religious issues. As a key institution in the New York City area, the New York Bet Din provides an invaluable service for the Jewish community seeking equitable conflict resolution that upholds traditional Jewish values.

The New York Bet Din's reputation for excellence and adherence to Halakha has earned it widespread recognition and respect in the Jewish community. The institution has a long history of providing quality arbitration services and has been called upon to resolve complex disputes involving significant assets or sensitive family matters. The Bet Din's impartiality and expertise make it a reliable option for individuals seeking a fair and just resolution to their conflicts. Its commitment to providing compassionate and confidential services has also made it a trusted institution within the Jewish community. Overall, the New York Bet Din's contributions to the community have been immeasurable and have helped promote harmony and peace among members of the Jewish community.


The Bet Din, or the Rabbinical Court, has a vision for the future of the Jewish community in New York and beyond. Focusing on creating a court that is transparent and accessible to communities of all types, it strives to ensure that personal life issues can be resolved with Judaic religious beliefs in mind. This is especially important to the Bukharian and Georgian communities of Sephardic descent as they have a particular need for guidance through Bet Din when tackling often complex matters. Through Bet Din, Bet Din members bring together their wisdom and experience to help support individuals who seek spiritual guidance - an invaluable service to individuals within the community. The Bet Din's ultimate goal is to help usher in the future of the Jewish community by paving a path that ensures that people don't have to compromise on their religious values while trying to overcome life obstacles.

The Bet Din of New York serves the numerous Jewish communities in the Tri-State area, and has a great wealth of experience to offer its constituents. It is an International Rabbinical court that is able to fulfill the needs of various denominations such as Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Syrian, Bukharian, Georgian, Habad, Hasidic and more. The Bet Din has a focus on upholding traditional values adhered to by the Torah and its peoples; it not only cherishes these values but also leads the way when it comes to rulings regarding Judaic Black Letter Law. By doing so they provide comfort and reassurance to all their constituents no matter what their background or beliefs may be. All in all, Bet Din of New York works hard on behalf of Jewish Communities in the Tri-State Area.

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Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel

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Rabbi Hanan Kablan

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Rabbi Aharon Chein

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Courtroom Chairs
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Rabbi Sholom Shuchat

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Rabbi Yitzchak Abaye

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Rabbi Binyamin Rachmanov

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NY Bet Din

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1441 Broadway        

New York, NY 10018

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7102 Main Street

Flushing NY 11367

Tel:  212-655-3114


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