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Serving all the Jewish Communities of America.

Recognized by Rabanut in Israel.

Monetary Arbitration

Many peoples develop Monetary wealth wether invested or pre investment, we can save both time in money providing Halachic advice and pre/post arbitration.

Small Claims

All small claims can be provided to the Beth Din, for Arbitration. We work with your attorney to resolve the case.

Marriage Ceremonies

Ordained in both New York and the State of Israel, the Beth Din can perform all Jewish Marriages (Kidushin)

Private Consultation

In regards to all other personal matters, such as circumcisions, ritual slaughter, and any other religious events and procedures.

Divorce "GET" Proceedings

Ordained in both New York and the State of Israel, the Beth Din can perform all Jewish Divorce Proceedings  "GET"

Halachic Determination

Many life situations can provide uncertainty, such as determining Jewish Lineage or circumstances in determining proper procedural direction.


The Rabbinical Courts vision is to help usher the future of the Jewish Community, tackling the obstacles they might face living in the United States. The goal is to develop the communities in New York properly and establishing a Rabbinical Court that is transparent and helpful to the community. Leading each person to the path they need to overcome life issues that befall them, and not comprise their Judaic Religious beliefs. In the Sephardic Communities in New York specifically the Bukharian and Georgian communities the need to guide and resolve issues in regards to Judaism are much needed. A majority of the Bukharian and Georgian population although they might be traditional that traditional value adheres to the authority of Torah and its peoples cherish its value perceptions are as much possible important. At the same judgment against actual Judaic Black Letter Law, Black Letter Law always will triumph in the New York Beth Din. At the same we are here to help all Jewish Communities in the Tri-State Area, and we are an established Beth Din for Jewish Communities. The New York Bet Din is an International Rabbinical court able and ready to service all Jewish Denominations; Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Syrian, Bukharian, Georgian, Habad, Hasidic and more. We have over 70 years of combined experiences of all our staff and advisor.


The New York Bet Din is a Rabbinical Court which provides religious arbitration services for the Jewish community and has long played an important role in helping individuals resolve financial and marital issues. The New York Bet Din is a key institution within the New York City area, as it offers a unique form of alternative dispute resolution that is rooted in Jewish law. By using their expertise and experience in Halakha (Jewish law), the New York Bet Din helps to resolve disputes through arbitration that adheres to traditional Jewish values.


Using rabbinic arbitration can be far more efficient than engaging in court proceedings, as it allows individuals to settle disputes without involving lawyers or judges. Furthermore, because the New York Bet Din is staffed by experienced rabbis, participants can feel confident knowing their issues will be resolved with sensitivity and within the confines of Halakha. This makes religious arbitration an invaluable resource for members of the Jewish community who are looking for a way to resolve conflicts in an equitable manner.


In addition to offering counseling and mediation services, New York Bet Din also provides educational resources on traditional Jewish marriage practices and laws governing financial issues such as inheritance matters or contracts between two parties. By utilizing these resources, couples can gain important knowledge about how to best handle their financial and marital matters according to Halakhic guidelines. In this way, New York Bet Din serves not only as an arbitrator but also as a source of information for individuals looking for guidance on how to navigate sensitive religious issues related to finances or marriage.


Overall, New York Bet Din is an essential institution within the New York City area that plays an invaluable role in helping members of the Jewish community find resolution when it comes to addressing financial and marital issues. Through its use of rabbinic arbitration and educational materials, New York Bet Din helps provide individuals with a pathway towards resolving conflict fairly while still respecting traditional Jewish values.

  Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel Shlita
הרב חנן קבלן 2_edited.jpg
Rabbi Hanan Kablan Shlita

Chief Dayan of Jerusalem, 

Rabbi of Baka Jerusalem

Author of Dibroth Eliyahu 

Dayan of the Rabbinical Court of Ramat Gan.

Son in Law of Rabbi Matzliach Mazuz Zatzal

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-26 at 10.06.28 PM


Yitzchak Abayeh

 Dayan of Brooklyn 



Sholom Shuchat

Dayan of Brooklyn



Binyamin Rachmanov 

Dayan of the Bukharian Communities 

in New York

Rabbi Chein.jpg


Aharon Chein

Dayan of the Georgians Communities in New York

abe shainberg.jpeg

Abe Shainberg Esq.

Consulting Attorney for NY Bet Din


NY Bet Din

Manhattan Office

1441 Broadway        

New York, NY 10018

Queens Office

7102 Main Street

Flushing NY 11367

Tel:  212-655-3114


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