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How to Become Jewish

Course is facilitated Independently by Rabbi Rachmanov


Presented by Rabbi Beni Rachmanov,
Founder & CEO of Hovadia

Rabbi Binyamin Rachmanov, also known as Beni Rachmanov, is a respected figure in Jewish education and religious leadership. Born in Israel and raised in New York, he received his early education at Yeshiva Tiferet Moshe and Yeshivat Ateres Yaakov. His studies focused not only on Jewish texts but also on the importance of understanding American culture and sciences.

Rachmanov deepened his religious studies post-high school, studying under various rabbis and ultimately receiving ordination as a Dayan from Rabbi Hanan Kablan and as a Rabbinical Judge (Laws of Gittin) from Chief Dayan of Jerusalem, Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel. He also holds Rabbinical Ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Dovid Lau.

In addition to his rabbinical work, Rabbi Rachmanov has a background in Graphic Design, Book Publishing, and Real Estate. He established and runs a Sephardic Center in Flushing, Queens. He authored the Responsa Sefer "Binyamin Tzair," acclaimed by several rabbinical scholars.

Rabbi Rachmanov's expertise extends to educating individuals interested in conversion to Judaism, reflecting his comprehensive knowledge of Jewish law and tradition and his ability to cater to diverse religious needs and backgrounds.

Master Class of "Judaism"
Become Jewish and Stay Jewish

Converting to Judaism is a profound and meaningful journey that goes beyond simply adopting a new religion; it involves integrating into a rich cultural and historical tapestry that has been carefully woven over millennia. At the heart of this journey is the understanding that Judaism, with a global Jewish population of around 15 million, has always emphasized the quality and depth of its adherents' commitment over mere numerical strength.

Historically, the Jewish people have faced numerous challenges and adversities, yet have preserved their identity and traditions with remarkable resilience. This endurance is attributed not to the pursuit of increasing their numbers, but to the steadfast commitment to their faith, values, and way of life. The process of conversion to Judaism, therefore, is not a matter of mere formality but a transformative experience that calls for sincere devotion, deep understanding, and a genuine desire to be part of the Jewish narrative.

Central to this transformation is the commitment to live by the word of God as articulated in Jewish texts, rather than conforming to the fluctuating lifestyles and values set by individuals or secular society. The Torah, along with the Talmud and other key Jewish texts, offers not just religious laws and doctrines but a comprehensive way of life encompassing ethics, community responsibilities, family values, and a deep sense of connection to Jewish history and destiny.

Building a Jewish family is a significant aspect of this journey. It involves imparting these values and traditions to the next generation, ensuring the continuity of the Jewish way of life. This responsibility is embraced with a sense of joy and privilege, as it is through family and community life that the richness of Jewish culture and spirituality is most vividly experienced and sustained.

Conversion to Judaism, therefore, is more than a change of faith; it is an entry into a covenant with God and a commitment to be part of a people with a shared destiny. It is about joining a community that values wisdom, ethical living, and the ongoing pursuit of justice and peace. Those who choose to convert are not just changing their religious status; they are embracing an ancient yet ever-evolving way of life, contributing their unique perspectives and experiences while upholding the enduring values that have sustained the Jewish people through centuries.

Certainly. The journey of converting to Judaism, as well as the ongoing spiritual growth for those who have already converted, is greatly enhanced by structured learning and guidance. The classes we provide are meticulously designed for both individuals seeking to convert and those who have already embraced Judaism. These educational sessions are fundamental in deepening the understanding of Jewish laws, customs, history, and philosophy, thereby ensuring that the transition into the Jewish community is both meaningful and profound.

Education in Judaism is not a finite process but a lifelong journey of learning and growth. Continuous education plays a critical role in this journey. It ensures that the rich and complex tapestry of Jewish life, with its rituals, ethical teachings, and cultural practices, is not only understood but also integrated into daily life. Our classes aim to provide this essential knowledge, offering a foundation upon which a fulfilling Jewish life can be built.

Moreover, the role of a guide or mentor cannot be overstated. As someone deeply rooted in the Jewish faith and knowledgeable about its traditions and practices, I serve as a bridge for those navigating this transformative path. My guidance is tailored to support the building of a Jewish home that is not only rooted in the rich soil of Jewish tradition but is also equipped to blossom through the generations. This involves not just teaching the principles of Judaism but also offering personal insights, answering questions, and helping to navigate the challenges and joys of Jewish life.

In essence, our classes and guidance are more than just educational resources; they are an invitation to be part of a living, breathing community that spans centuries. They are an opportunity to create a Jewish home where faith, tradition, and a sense of belonging are passed down, ensuring a forever lasting legacy for generations to come. This journey is about becoming part of a story much greater than oneself, a story that continues to unfold with each new member that joins the Jewish nation.

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