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Halachic Bulletin: Getting a Haircut during the time of the Corona Pandemic?

It is a Mitzvah in grooming oneself with a haircut or a shave before Yom Tov. In a situation where a person will be released out of imprisonment or capture the Halacha states, he will be allowed to take a haircut on Hol Hamoed. The same is true if a person who is an Avel (mourner) who has completed his 30 day period of mourning on Hol Hamoed. In today's scenario, we have a Government lockdown, which includes the closure of Barbershops. It has the same subject line as a Captive, Imprisoned or Mourner (Avel), and sustains the same Halachic Ruling. Therefore if the Government would allow barbershops to open before Hol Hamoed or on Hol Hamoed, then it would be permissible to take a Haircut, Trim, or Shave on Hol Hamoed. And Certainly, if the Barbershops would be allowed to open after Hol Hamoed, then it would be permitted since refrainment from Haircutting during the time of Sefira is a Custom, and is lesser then Hol Hamoed.

Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel

Translated by Rabbi Binyamin Rachmanov

א.‬ הואיל‭ ‬ומצוה‭ ‬להסתפר‭ ‬ולהתגלח‭ ‬לכבוד‭ ‬יום‭ ‬טוב‭ ‬כמו‭ ‬שהיוצא‭ ‬מבית‭ ‬האסורים‭ ‬ומבית‭ ‬השבויה‭. ‬וכלו‭ ‬אבליו‭ ‬בחוה"מ‭ ‬דמותר‭ ‬לו‭ ‬להתגלח‭ ‬אותו‭ ‬הדבר‭ ‬במקרי‭ ‬דידן‭ ‬שיש‭ ‬הוראה‭ ‬מהממשלה‭ ‬לסגור‭ ‬את‭ ‬המספרות‭ ‬כשיותר‭ ‬לפותחם‭ ‬יהי‭ ‬מותר‭ ‬להסתפר‭ ‬אפילו‭ ‬בחוה"מ‭.‬

ב. והוא‭ ‬הדין‭ ‬דמותר‭ ‬להסתפר‭ ‬בימי‭ ‬הספירה‭ ‬של‭ ‬העומר‭ ‬מק"ו‭ ‬דזה‭ ‬אינו‭ ‬מדין‭ ‬הגמרא‭ ‬כמו‭ ‬בחוה"מ‭ ‬ודאי‭ ‬דשרי‭ ‬כן‭ ‬פסקו‭ ‬המשנה‭ ‬ברורה‭ ‬בביאור‭ ‬הלכה‭ ‬סימן‭ ‬תצ"ג‭ ‬והפרי‭ ‬מגדים‭. ‬שהמותרים‭ ‬להסתפר‭ ‬בחול‭ ‬המועד‭ ‬מותרים‭ ‬בימי‭ ‬הספירה‭. ‬דלא‭ ‬עדיף‭ ‬מחול‭ ‬המועד‭. ‬ובפרט‭ ‬שאין‭ ‬זה‭ ‬אלא‭ ‬מנהג‭. ‬ודו"ק‭ ‬

ביקרא‭ ‬דאורייתא‭ ‬

ע"ה‭ ‬אליהו‭ ‬אבירז'ל

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